Here's why ACM IPA benefits you:

ACM IPA centralizes core functions of managing home healthcare to eliminate redundancies in your organization. By delegating these functions to ACM, there is a single entity managing multiple functions and cutting your administrative costs significantly. ACM IPA helps you manage medical expenditures and ease administrative burdens so you can focus on optimizing care outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Advantages for Managed Long Term Care Plans (MLTCPs)

  • ACM IPA helps gives you access to all LHCSAs in your service territory. We handle all contracting, credentialing, recredentialing and provider relations activities on your behalf.
  • If you already have an existing LHCSA network, we can assume responsibility for the management of your network (handling the same activities listed above).  
  • ACM IPA can handle all Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), simplifying workflow and appropriately accounting for staff time.
  • ACM IPA can handle, process and adjudicate billing for all LHCSAs. We streamline the claims process and provide the MLTCP with one master bill, instead of receiving bills from each LHCSA individually.